Kitchen Vegetables Storage Basket Organizer

Foldable, Detachable, Moveable


Material: Carbon Steel

size: 40*30*59cm

Color: Black

BRL R$ 73.75


Material: Carbon Steel

size: 40*30*80cm

Color: Black

BRL R$ 92


Material: Carbon Steel

size: 40*30*100cm

Color: Black

BRL R$ 110.31


Material: Carbon Steel

size: 40*30*120cm

Color: Black

BRL R$ 128.71

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Metal Vegetable Storage Container

Flexible buckle structure and superposition security.

Universal wheels with lock and fixed pads for different scenario requirements.

Foldable, detachable, versatile, and moveable. It can be used in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, study room, etc.

It can be on the floor and also on the table.

At the bottom of the drain tray, easy to drain water, and keep the floor or table clean and tidy.

The bottom of the drain tray, always keep the table clean. It can be taken out very easily.

1, Universal wheels with lock, easy tighten and loose.
2, Carbon steel thicker, painted black and white.
3, Flexible buckle structure, superposition security.

Use flexible, 6-layer style, can be used for 4 layers on the floor and 2 layers detachable to tabletop.

All of the storge stands have 4pcs pads which is for tabletop use, and 4pcs universal wheels for floor stand. you can select one way to use.

It can be used in bathroom, bedroom, living room, study room, kitchen, etc.

3-tier: 40*30*59cm
4-tier: 40*30*80cm
5-tier: 40*30*100cm
6-tier: 40*30*120cm

Kitchen vegetable storage organizer

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